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Carbon Steel Pressfitting Pipes



Let us introduce HTpress,
HTfire and HTair

The Pressfitting System joins pipes and fittings through cold pressing, which allows for extremely easy and quick installation. Hitherm’s pressfitting systems, HTpress, HTfire and HTair, composed of “M” profile pipes and fittings made of carbon steel and the pressing tools required for installation, can be used for a number of installations in the civil and industrial sectors, with diameters ranging from 15 mm up to 108 mm.


5-Year Warranty

HITHERM S.R.L. warrants the HTpress, HTfire and HTair systems for 5 years after installation. The warranty covers manufacturing defects of the HTpress, HTfire and HTair products and consequential damage to people or things. Please always consult our technical manuals.
The warranty includes the following:


Hitherm warrants full replacement of defective material.


Hitherm warrants refunds for damage caused by defective material.


Hitherm warrants payment of removal and installation expenses.


The NUMEPRESS pressfitting system is ideal for sanitary, fire-fighting, compressed air, heating, cooling, technical fluid and solar thermal systems in the civil, industrial and naval sectors.


The pressfitting systems, HTpress, HTair and HTfire, are ideal for heating, cooling, closed-circuit solar thermal, compressed air and wet fire-fighting installations in the civil and industrial sectors.


The Advantages of Pressfitting


A sound alternative to welding, threading, grooving and plastic materials.


Simple, quick installation.


Significantly reduced handled and installed weight.


Reliability in all conditions.


Doing away with working phases of traditional systems.


Remarkably easier pre-assembly, both in the workshop and at the construction site.


No fire hazard during installation.


Hitherm’s pressfitting systems, HTpress, HTfire and HTair, made of carbon steel are used for numerous civil and industrial applications.


Steel pressfitting systems suit water distribution lines in the main heating installations (in heating plants, flats, offices and departments) perfectly. Hitherm’s HTpress pressfitting system in carbon steel is ideal for closed-circuit heating installations. Hitherm’s range available in stock for fast delivery comprises diameters from 15 mm up to 108 mm, with a 5-year warranty on the system. Heating installations can also be made with the Numepress pressfitting system in stainless steel (fittings in AISI 316L and pipes in either AISI 316L or AISI 304 respectively), which results in top quality and increased corrosion resistance. Hitherm’s range available in stock for prompt delivery comprises diameters from 15 mm up to 168.3 mm, with a 10-year warranty on the system.

Solar Thermal Energy

Heating from solar energy is a constantly growing sector. It reduces CO2 emissions and thus air pollution. Like in fossil fuel heating, the Numepress pressfitting system can be applied – in stainless steel AISI 316L / AISI 304 – to open or closed-circuit installations. The HTpress system in carbon steel can be used for closed-circuit installations placed in low-humidity environments that are not subject to bad weather (rain, snow etc.). For this type of applications, since high temperatures are reached, the EPDM O-ring (standard, black, operating temperature -20 °C ÷ +120 °C) must be replaced with the FKM O-ring (green, operating temperature -20 °C ÷ +200 °C).


As for cooling installations as well as for low temperature water or air conditioning installations, and thus installations with hot and cold water flows, the stainless steel of the Numepress pressfitting system is no doubt the material that creates a perfect combination between quality, corrosion resistance and durability. Using the HTpress pressfitting system – with carbon steel pipes and fittings coated with white PP – for use only in closed circuits means a definitely cheaper alternative, although it requires increased attention and flawless execution. In addition, the fittings must be protected with Hitherm’s special isobutyl band, to prevent corrosion from condensation. Such condensation protection does not replace the heat insulation of pipes.

Compressed Air

In compressed air distribution, typically in industry, the steel pressfitting system can fully prove its superior quality. For this type of installations, you can use both the HTair pressfitting system – composed of pipes in bare carbon steel or coated with blue PP, which create a finished product ready for laying, and carbon steel fittings – and the Numepress pressfitting system in stainless steel AISI 316L / AISI 304 – where the pipes can be supplied bare or, on request, coated with blue PP. In compressed air installations, if the quantity of oil exceeds 5 mg/m3, the EPDM O-ring (standard, black) must be replaced with the FKM O-ring (green) in the fittings.


Numerous fire prevention installations are available nowadays. Pressfitting is becoming increasingly popular for installations in this sector, based on quick laying, low labour costs, reduced overall weight of the installation and, therefore, decreased use of clamps and fixtures, and less fatigue for the staff in the making process. Sprinkler Installations, Hydrant Networks, Foam Installations and Low-Pressure Water Mist Installations can all be made with our HTfire and Numepress Pressfitting Systems, composed of carbon or stainless steel pipes coated in red PP RAL 3000, to create a finished product ready for laying, and galvanized or stainless steel fittings. Galvanized steel can be used for sprinkler installations and wet hydrant networks, whereas only stainless steel can be used for foam installations, low pressure water mist installations, dry hydrant networks and sprinkler installations. Not only can stainless steel boast the above-mentioned pluses, but it is also internationally acknowledged for its outstanding quality and reliability, which includes FM certification and a 10-year warranty on the product.

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