I pressfitting, and you?

Hitherm Pressfitting Rental

We have a wide range of equipment for pressing pressfitting products, “M” profile, for both sale and rent (subject to availability). Jaws of other profiles can be purchased on request.

Delivery of materials is ensured by Italy’s best transportation companies; in some regions, this service is also provided through our own vehicles.


Accessories for sale or rent

Pipes and fittings are assembled by the use of pressing tools which deform the toroidal chamber of each fitting. Pressing tools are battery or electrically operated. Each diameter has its own easily interchangeable jaw or clamp.

Hitherm provides the material and all the accessories – including pressing tools, jaws, clamps, pipe strippers, pipe benders and pipe cutters – you need to work at your best, as well as all the training required to enter the Pressfitting world.