Io pressfitting, e tu?
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The new-generation pressing tools, ACO203, ACO203XL and ACO403, all fitted with Bluetooth technology ensuring full control of the instrument, make work at the construction site simpler and more effective. Based on increasingly smaller weight and improved design, the Novopress pressing tools are even easier to handle, thereby resulting in reduced fatigue. Built-in pressing point lighting facilitates work, even in poor visibility conditions.

In 1972, NOVOPRESS became the first manufacturer to produce pressing tools for pipe connecting technology. For over 40 years, NOVOPRESS has been developing state-of-the-art technology for pressing and crimping tools, relying on its distributors to provide a range of battery or electrically operated products, before and after sales assistance through trained staff, high quality and user-friendly products.

Since it was founded in 1909, REMS has been manufacturing pipe working tools, especially for sanitary and heating installers.

Today REMS is a leading manufacturer of German-made pipe working machines and tools.  Their production facilities are located in Waiblingen, near Stuttgart, in the centre of Germany’s high-tech industrial region. There ultramodern plants and equipment are available for research and development, production and quality control.

All of REMS products comply with safety and accident prevention regulations as well as with relevant European standards according to the terms of EU Directives.

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State-of-the-art equipment

It takes less than a minute to install and press Ø 6”! The Pressfitting System is remarkably time saving. What is more, it allows cleaner and labour-cost saving installation. No trained staff is required. A pressing tool is all you need; you can either purchase or rent it from us, and we will also provide you with the necessary training.

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Accessories for sale or rent


Pipes and fittings are assembled by the use of pressing tools which deform the toroidal chamber of each fitting. Pressing tools are battery or electrically operated. Each diameter has its own easily interchangeable jaw or clamp.

Hitherm provides the material and all the accessories – including pressing tools, jaws, clamps, pipe strippers, pipe benders and pipe cutters – you need to work at your best, as well as all the training required to enter the Pressfitting world.


I pressfitting, and you?

Leading the way in pressfitting

Hitherm is the benchmark direct supplier in the stainless steel and carbon steel pressfitting world, with a warehouse covering an area of over 5,000 sq m Material available in stock, up to a diameter of 6”, and quick delivery guaranteed across Italy, whether at your headquarters or at the construction site.

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